By Dr. Rotimiolu Akinlesi

1. Locate a termitarium or anthill.

2. Make 3 to 5 opening/holes on the termitarium or antihill

3. Get a little quantity of garri. Maybe a tomato tinful or milk tinful depending on the size of the termitarium or anthill.

4. Mix the garri with any insecticide. Do not add water. And make sure the gari remains grainy and not watery. This is so that the termite can be able to pick the grains

5. Pour the garri (mixed with insecticide) into the holes made on the termitarium/anthill.

6. Do this on all termitaria/ anthill found around.

7. Within 3 days all the termites and ants in the termitarium/anthill will disappear.

8. Ensure that the garri (mixed with insecticide) is not brought home at all, so that it is not mistaken for the garri meant to be eaten at home. Pour all garri (mixed with insectide) in the termitarium/anthill. Please note that insecticides are poisonous.

9. If however what you have are ants around your house or building, mix insecticide at the rate of 10mls in 5 litres of water and sprinkle the mixture all around your house and on the ants.

10. If there are ants few meters away from your house or building and you apply the step in point 9 above, the ants will not come to your house or building.

Dr Rotimiolu Akinlesi is an experienced plant nematologist, pathologist and crop protectionist with membership of renowned associations including International Association of Research Scholars and Fellows; Nigeria Society of Plant protection; Nigerian Society of Nematologists. He is also Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Forestry, Ogun State


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