A study in Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK found out that European countries with

population low in Vitamin D have had significantly higher death rates from Covid 19.

Another study carried out in  Indonesia showed that 98.9% of Covid 19 patients with

deficiency of vitamin D died.

Previous studies of Vitamin D has showed that it can be used to treat *Respiratory

Problems*. so this may be useful in fighting Covid 19 too.

Vitamin D when given especially in higher doses has an anti- inflammatory action says

*Professor Adrian Martineau* a clinical Professor of respiratory infection and immunity at

Queen Mary University, London.

A study in British Medical Journal in 2017 which reviewed  data from 25 clinical trials

showed that the vitamin can also *prevent acute respiratory infections*

Professor Martineau who was lead author of the review says ‘when vitamin D is made in the

skin, it gets converted in the liver to a form that circulates around the body’ .

This creates a natural antibiotic substance in the lining of the air ways that can destroy

viruses and bacteria. Note that this is a generic effect. It is not directed against  *Specific*

viruses and bacteria and we dont know yet if it would work against Covid 19 according to

Professor Martineau. “But the inferences are there as far as I am concerned and* *there is

no harm in fortifying ourselves given this revelation” (This part is by me, not the great

Professor, ehen).

Those At Risk From Deficiency of Vitamin D And Also Appear To Be At Higher Risk Of Covid


Elderly folks.

No prizes for guessing why.

Darker skin (is this Prof being  racist? Dark skin?)

Oh, I think he means the white people with darker hues…, you know, those Mediterranean

types.  Italy had the highest number of deaths and they have darker skins

than their Northern Europeans) and were mostly elderly.

Obese  (being overweight increases risk because high body fat reduces effect of vitamin D circulation in the body.

How do you get Vitamin D?

1.The African Sun UV Rays.

Early morning sunshine.


2. Liver from Beef.

3. Eģg, Egg. Egg. Egg!

Our very own *Egg Yolk*

(See? We have a Unique Selling Point USP) but then as egg farmers we have always known

this to be true but never pushed it like the *Blue Pillers* . You dont know the blue Pill?


Me neither!

Should we have made EGG number 1. We dont want african sun to be jealous do we? Let’s

leave EGG at three because it has three letters.

Ok. Good.

4. Cereals. Not Cyrils.

You dont want to be called a cannibal do you?


6.Milk(Soya and Oat)


8.Cod Liver Oil.


10 .Mushroom.

Report says ONE in FIVE  adults is deficient in Vitamin D. Yeepa! Is that why the elderly

ones have less immunity to diseases?

Go get your egg. Enjoy the yolk.

It is really true what they say: An EGG(Yolk) A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

And the Holy Book says it Matthew 11:30.

For my YOLK (ok, YOKE is what it really says  but  some pronounce it that way after all

hehehe) and my BURDEN is LIGHT.

See the light.

Get Protected. Eat Your Egg Yolk. Buy That Egg Now!

*Rose Prince In The UK Daily Mail_  Verbally Jousting With Clem Adebija Of Jamekaagrik

Services Ltd, Kaduna on 21/06/2020.

C.M Adebija is Founder & CEO of Jamekaagrik Services Ltd, Kaduna


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