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Do you want to know how to develop a winning Zaddy  brand ?


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Developing a winning brand is simple, yet nuanced and uniquely dimensioned to evoke the highest levels of stakeholder resonance.
Michael Jackson is known for the single glove, black hat, dark shades, white socks, black shoes and characteristic ” heee, heee ”

Mr. Macaroni deploys an effective blend of iconography, catch phrases and characteristic gestures to develop a compelling brand which captivates target demographics.

You are doing well.

One of the key components of a winning brand is a tagline or catch phrase. Michael Buffer had “ Let’s get ready to rumble !” which he used for world boxing championship bouts.

Here in Nigeria, Lagbaja has “ Ikira!”, Femi Kuti uses “ Arararara”, his father Fela Kuti had “ Everybody say yeah, yeah” , Rochas Okorocha(?) came up with “ my people, my people” .

In the religious sector, Pastor Adeboye  is known for “ Let somebody  shout halleluyah” while  Rev Okotie’s catch phrase is “ somebody say ahan, ahan” .

Mr Macaroni ?

He has over a dozen catch phrases!


Michael Buffer’s networth is over 400million dollars and he trademarked the phrase “ Lets get ready to rumble” for which he has been paid up to 1m dollars per time for saying those 5 words.

Are you, Are you normal ?

Imagine getting a credit alert of 200 thousand USD for saying one word..

Kai !


I don’t know the modalities and legalities of how it works in Nigeria but imagine also if Mr. Macaroni trademarked his various catch phrases which have become part of the pop culture in Nigeria.

Branding is the art and science of establishing and sustaining a unique differentiation for a person, organization, product,  or service among specific stakeholder publics for the purpose of goodwill and other benefits.

Are you there?

Mr. Macaroni has created a super brand which offers a vehicle for other brands to spring board off. Indeed,  so many corporate and blue chip brands have been featured on the Mr. Macaroni platform.

One might therefore safely conclude that Mr. Macaroni is a Daddy Brand or more accurately a  Zaddy Brand.

By creating such an effective ZaddyBrand Mr. Macaroni  is telling other brands “ don’t stain your leg !”

The Macaroni Methodology of Brand Building

  1. Personality : Define and animate your brand to bring it to life. Mr. Macaroni has visual elements such as his attire, eye glasses, characteristic gestures and catch phrases.
  2. Target your Targets : Which group of people do you wish your brand to engage with ? Note that is very possible for your brand to have primary, secondary and tertiary demographics.
  3. Messaging : Your brand must speak with clarity and purpose as well as distinctively and uniquely to create the desired differentiation.
  4. Experience : What kind of experience awaits your brand demographics after encountering your brand ? Define and deliver.
  5. Consistency: It is important that the intrinsic value proposition your brand is known for is ever present in every encounter with your brand
  6. Relevance : Ensure your brand is sustainably meaningful and contemporary.
  7. Differentiation : What makes your brand different from others? What is your brand’s “ standout” proposition ?
  8. Adaptability : Your brand must have intrinsic ability to evolve and demonstrably uptick all key stakeholder-resonant elements.
  9. Sensate : Ensure your brand excites the senses of your target demographics by way of brand optics, brand sonics, etc
  10. Positioning : Where is your brand’s habitat in the  overall ecosystem ? This has to be a purposive determination on the part of the brand administrators.

Any brand manager who does not give the above 10 steps serious consideration should be aware that the inevitable result  will be an apathetic, abysmal, dire, horrible, distressful, comatose, ghastly or hideous response from customers which can be summed up in a single word..

“ Ooiin “ !

Gbenga Adebija is the Group Managing Director of Ashton & Layton



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