We have been seeing some fantastic scripts and performances lately. Who should win the ‘Oscar’??
1) Peter ‘the crumbling rock’ Fayose, for his performance in the comedy ‘The neck brace’. His immortal line ‘Hi ham hin pain’, continues to make audiences across the nation laugh.
2) Bukky ‘omo ale actor’ Saraki, for his performance in the action packed ‘Escape at Dawn’. Who can forget the racy account of the staged blockade outside his home, and his subsequent drive through Abuja streets in an unmarked car and disguised clothing so he could sleep in the NASS carpark ‘All night long’.
3) Dino ‘Ajeki iya ni o je’ Melaye, for his riveting performance in the kidnap fantasy drama ‘Top of the trees’, in which he foiled a kidnap by sleeping in a tree top for 11 hours. Then called TV stations to report the kidnapping.
4) Ben ‘commonsense’ Bruce for his stirring performance in the political drama ‘Visa Denial’, in which he demanded that foreign nations deny visas to Nigerian officials.
5) PDP Senators for their valiant performance in the Comedy ‘Foiling the Impeachment’, in which they woke up early to get to NASS, after fake rumours there would be an impeachment. Tired after getting to NASS at the crack of dawn (instead of their regular 10:30 am resumption), the senaors were filmed having a drinking session inside NASS.
6) Lawan ‘black stocking mask’ Daura, for his performance in the thriller ‘Blocking NASS – the sequel’. A must watch political drama staged in conjunction with his ally and friend, Saraki.
The committee will put off announcing the winner until after Bukky ‘Oniresi’ Saraki’s performance in the as yet unnamed drama ‘World press conference’ to be staged later today.
Lights, camera, action! ~ Bucky 2018


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