Professor Olugbenga Ben Ogunmoyela

Memoirs of a Cow without a Tail is the new book by Professor Olugbenga Ben Ogunmoyela, President & CEO of Consumer Advocacy For Food Safety And Nutrition Initiative(CAFSANI). Prof Ogunmoyela is an internationally acclaimed technocrat and academic who occupied top management roles in companies such as Cadbury Nigeria Plc, Honeywell and was Dean of the College of Food Sciences, Bells University of Technology, Ota, Nigeria

According to the author, “The secret of men, we have been told, is in their stories-which include the good, the bad and the ugly. So, as I gracefully inched towards my 70th birthday last year, I felt strongly compelled to capture and immortalize my moments here on earth or ‘tell my story’, if you so prefer to put it that way.

Memoirs of a Cow Without a Tail is, therefore, my first attempt to bring you into my world – past, present, and the plans for the future, being confident that the One who has kept me over the years remains faithful and will keep me for at least another two decades, even bouncing in an unusual grace and favour of health, vigour, and vitality.

Given the unfortunate fact that today, we are living in a world where we are fast losing our age-old values, penning my journey is my own way of somewhat drawing out and preserving those values, to let everyone, including generations yet unborn, know that it doesn’t matter the shift and changes that happen in the world, these values remain the foundations upon which a sane world must run and continually return to. These values should therefore be imbibed by anyone who wants to be truly successful in mind, soul, and body, according to God’s standards.

Trust me, Memoirs of a Cow Without a Tail is a good read, even if I boldly say so myself. Beyond reading, however, be prepared to live whatever you encounter in this book that stands out or strikes a chord with you. I sincerely promise, you won’t regret it”

The book includes a beautiful and touching Epilogue by Olu Onakoya which complements the narrative, adding depth and insight to an already incredible story. Onakoya was the first Chairman/Managing Director of Mobil Oil, Nigeria and a close friend/classmate of Prof Ogunmoyela.

The book Memoirs of A Cow Without A Tail has been receiving rave reviews around the world and Tunde Jegede from Alberta, Canada in a review posted on Amazon says  it is “unputdownable!” He describes the book as “excellently crafted, turbocharged, unforgettable, intricate and intriguing”.

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