Remember the adage, the way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice? I grew up with the worst voices in my head. Voices which made me feel worthless, ugly, unworthy and filled with low self-esteem”

The above quotation is taken from poignant book THE MEMOIR OF A CAGED TWIN by a budding female Nigerian author, Sholabomi Ranti.

Any book borne out of pain and trauma usually makes for compelling reading especially when it deeply resonates with the reader. From the catchy title to its reader-resonant subject matter, THE MEMOIR OF A CAGED TWIN weaves a mesmerizing tale of the life journey of the author and her late twin from their traumatic childhood experiences, spilling into adulthood leading to the death of one while the other struggled to get by.

The book chronicles how they faced heart-breaking betrayals and the devastation of family rejection right from infancy following the tragic death of their mother 8 days after birth.

In her debut as an author, Sholabomi Ranti takes the reader through an autobiographical odyssey of her emotional vicissitudes and the impact on her life.  THE MEMOIR OF A CAGED TWIN is packed with haunting incidents such as when her father subjected her to such a vicious beating that she landed in hospital.

Also, picture the chaotic scenes at her twin’s burial where she mounted the coffin and faced down a rampaging mob threatening to disrupt the internment proceedings.

This book by Sholabomi Ranti, a first class graduate of Shivaji University, India also comes across as a cathartic outpouring of pent up grief, anger and bewilderment at what she and her twin sister had to face in life.

The book is also an inspiring tale of surmounting seemingly intractable and arduous life challenges exacerbated by crippling and potentially debilitating adversity.  It is a story about faith in God and self-belief as a panacea for coping with any form of negativity.

Despite the disturbing themes explored in the book, the author employs an easy and readable prose to create an enthralling experience to keep the reader spellbound till the last page.

There are unexpected flashes of humour which illuminate the dark and brooding narrative.   It will certainly appeal to a broad range of demographics including the Gen Zs who are avid consumers of social media content.

The Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilder said that life imitates art and indeed incidents detailed in THE MEMOIR OF A CAGED TWIN could pass for a Nollywood movie.
Overall, THE MEMOIR OF A CAGED TWIN is an encouraging outing by an emerging author and signals a promising future.

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