By Steven Uwajeh

In today’s corporate world, a conservative Judeo-Christian diversity head might seem like an oxymoron. The focal point of contention often lies in Christian beliefs surrounding natural law, specifically pertaining to perspectives on human sexuality and the beginning of life. Christians maintain the view that there exist two genders and that human life begins at conception.

However, let us take a moment to reflect. Should we dismiss this as a contradiction without delving into the essence of this belief system? Followers of Judeo-Christian values literally worship and adhere to the teachings of a founder who unequivocally declared that the greatest commandment is Love.

He imparted the profound understanding that before anyone was born, God knew them and loved them. He said that every person is a cherished child of the same father, thereby uniting us as brothers and sisters.

Leading by example, despite the scorn he faced from the leaders of his time, he upheld the dignity of every human being. He was friends with the rich and poor, the famous and forgotten, the esteemed and the marginalized. When he taught his followers how to pray, he reminded them of their own imperfections and exhorted them to forgive others their imperfections.

In an ultimate testament of boundless love, he endured unimaginable torture and sacrificed his life for those who mocked him and whose lifestyles were at odds with his teachings.

Irrespective of one’s individual religious inclinations, I firmly believe that the core value of a diversity chief, or anyone who espouses a commitment to social justice, is Love.

Love, expressed in unwavering service to all people, regardless of their identity, status, or beliefs. Such individuals are not called to agree with everything, but rather to endeavor to foster an inclusive environment where every person is treated with the innate dignity bestowed upon them by their creator.


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